New plate heat exchanger

Alfa Laval has introduced a new series of Plate Heat Exchangers (PHEs) developed specifically for high theta duties in the HVAC sector.

The new Alfa Laval T-Series encompasses three new PHEs; the TL6B, T5B and TL3B offering a liquid flow capacity of 20kg/second, 13kg/second and 4kg/ second respectively. All of the exchangers have a maximum design temperature of 150ºC. The units are extremely compact – the TL3B is just 73cm long, the T5B 78cm and the TL6B 1.3 metres – and therefore enable both installation and service space requirements to be kept to a minimum. On both TL units the tightening bolts are located on the side to facilitate service.

The tall, narrow design of the TL6B and its efficient plate pattern make it particularly suitable for duties with long thermal length – also known as high-theta duties. The TL6B’s ability to achieve close temperature approaches and to increase heat recovery suits it to applications requiring excellent energy efficiency such as district-cooling interchanger, district-heating substation or cooling/heating pressure breaker applications.

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