New Peltier heaters

S & P Coil Products Limited (SPC) has introduced a revolutionary Peltier heater to complement the MINIB range of trench and floor standing heaters. The new Peltier units are perimeter convectors which use the heat energy stored within the circulating fluid to power an integral fan. In such a way significantly more air is blown across the heat exchanger than would be available to conventional natural buoyancy convectors.

The unit takes advantage of an array of thermoelectric (Seebeck/Peltier) devices to generate the necessary emf (voltage) to turn the low voltage tangential fans fitted below the heat exchanger. Only hydronic pipework is required for the units to operate, no electrical wiring is necessary.

The units are available in a range of sizes from 1m to 2m lengths and can be floor mounted or wall mounted. The MINIB floor convectors are the first direct space heating devices which use thermoelectric technology to power their integral fans. As a result the output per linear metre of heating element is approximately double that of a conventional unpowered, natural convector unit.

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