New oil separator

Emmie.2S, the new portable oil separator from Alfa Laval, uses state-of-the-art PLC controls, automatic back-pressure and heater controls, to make the job of separating water, dirt and other impurities from refrigeration compressor oils even simpler and quicker.
Emmie.2S consists of a powerful but compact centrifugal separator mounted onto a portable, wheeled trolley along with all the necessary controls, pumps and hoses to enable it to be wheeled into position, connected to mains power and the compressor oil reservoir and start purifying the oil immediately.

Developed from the well-established industrial fluids version, Emmie.2S is intended specifically for use with refrigeration compressor oil. The unit features steel components throughout to prevent ammonia attacking the components as it would if the standard industrial version, with brass components, were used.

Emmie.2S can be used with tanks up to 3m3 in capacity and will handle flow rates as high as 200 litres per hour. Tests have demonstrated that the machine will reduce water contaminants to less than 0.2% faster than any other kind of separation technology.

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