New occupancy sensor

Hager claims that its new light sensitive occupancy sensor fills a gap in the UK lighting control market for a mid level option.

The new OSFM/P is an occupancy sensor that combines switching switchstart luminaires in response to both movement and light levels.  It has a detection diameter of 6m when used at 2.4m height. Hager has launched it as an alternative to its higher specification sensor OS2AP.

Steve York, product manger for Hager’s Klik brand says:  “The occupancy sensor market for switchstart applications seems to be split between high level high specification models and low cost options with limited functionality.  This new sensor fills the gap as a mid level option.”

The occupancy sensor switches the lights on if the ambient light levels are below that set for the photocell and there is any movement.  If the light level increases beyond a set lux level or there is no movement detected for a preset time out then the sensor will switch the lights off.  It has a switching capacity of 6amps and is suitable for all fluorescent loads.

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