New modern press connection CPD from Viega

A new Continuous Professional Development (CPD) aimed at M&E professionals, facilities managers and architects, has been launched by Viega. The CPD explores modern press connection technology in relation to effectively delivering potable water to new and existing buildings.

Clean drinking water and water classed as potable is a requirement for maintaining the health of building occupants.  In the UK, system designs must comply with the minimum requirements set out by British Standards, Building Regulations (Building Standards in Scotland), the Water Supply Regulations 1999 and the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000.

As well as giving an overview of what is meant by potable water and the framework around it, the CPD looks at various elements, which can be a contributor to contamination such as storage and assembly in addition to pipe material and connection systems.  The presentation then looks at press connection technology and its advantages for use with potable-water supply pipework.

 Scott James, Director at Viega comments, “This CPD gives a great insight into potable water and the regulations governing it while exploring the key factors that influence the successful supply of potable water to buildings.  As a manufacturer of press connection technology including Profipress and Sanpress, we can give a great insight into how this technology can help.”

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