New Luceco LED Lighting Specification Website

Luceco has recently launched a brand-new website demonstrating the range and diversity of their LED luminaires.  They have also showcased many new fittings, serving applications across varied industry sectors including healthcare, education, retail, hospitality, industrial and commercial lighting.

One of the luminaires showcased is the Leren, a contemporary and stylish linear LED pendant luminaire, offering both upward and downward light distribution providing an enhanced overall lit environment, particularly where there are high or open ceiling voids to illuminate.   Leren offers over 100,000 hours of maintenance free, operational life with an efficacy of 120 Llm/cW, and three lumen outputs; 4,000, 5,200 and 7,500 lm.

The website has been carefully designed to provide lighting professionals with detailed information segregated into easy to use categories and create specification submittals by simply selecting the products that they require to form their specification documentation.   Many other useful downloads including the new Specification Guide, photometric data, Industry Specific Lighting Brochures, datasheets and a suite of BIM Files created in Revit covering the Luceco range, are all available –

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