New look for ESTA

With energy security of supply and climate change fast becoming two of the major drivers of political activity at the beginning of the 21st century, the association representing the energy management industry is rebranding to take account of the changes.
ESTA’s Executive Director, Alan Aldridge says: “As a market-driven body, we aim to respond flexibly and effectively to our customers’ requirements. As the market has changed, so our engagement has altered as well. When the Association was formed over 20 years ago, we dealt mainly with engineers and energy management was in its infancy. Today, we work in a highly sophisticated market demanding a range of diverse services and technologies.

“With that in mind, it seemed appropriate to reflect the depth and breadth of the solutions we provide to customers. So, from 1 January 2007, ESTA became the Energy Services and Technology Association. That has allowed us to retain the ESTA branding as well, which is widely known and respected throughout the energy and facilities management sectors.”

Energy services, the provision of a range of products and services which can optimise the usage of energy on a site, is the focus of a new European Directive which is due to take effect throughout the EU in the next two years. Instead of being concerned with the sale of just energy or equipment, energy services companies will provide the tools for organisations to minimise energy consumption and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

“People do not want energy as such,” notes Alan Aldridge, “they want heating, lighting, refrigeration and a comfortable indoor environment. The name change is designed to convey the message that ESTA – through its members – can deliver those benefits.”

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