New LoCarbon range

Vent-Axia Ltd has launched Vent-Axia LoCarbon, an innovative new range of energy efficient ventilation products, to help significantly reduce carbon emissions thus minimising an individual’s carbon footprint.
The Building Regulations Part F & L have recently signalled a big shift towards energy efficient buildings and have set the standard for the maximum carbon dioxide emissions for whole buildings. This performance-based approach offers designers the flexibility to choose suitable solutions which allow for adequate means of ventilation for people in the building, and which are energy efficient, cost-effective and practical.

Vent-Axia’s LoCarbon range highlights exactly how much carbon is emitted over a year, based upon average daily use. This simple calculation is crucial to identifying the size of your carbon footprint and gives people the information needed to work out just how much CO2 emissions they will be saving by using Vent-Axia LoCarbon products. The comprehensive energy efficient range includes everything to satisfy any air quality factors, from innovative heat recovery systems to modern extract fans.

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