New lighting control module

A member of the KNX UK Association, Durable Technologies has introduced the DLC 1000 lighting control module.  It is an innovative and very flexible lighting control module for commercial lighting control applications and is specifically designed for use with KNX building control technology.  It is the first KNX product to be approved by The Carbon Trust. 

The DLC 1000 allows KNX systems integrators to undertake lighting control work which they would otherwise not be able to fulfil.  It is a single device that provides ten independent outputs, nine dimming modes, load monitoring, hour counters, scene storage and other features.  It includes eight universal inputs for switching, dimming, and shutters/blinds as well as four timers for presence/absence detection including four passive infra-red controllers for constant light control.

Its companion light sensor is claimed to be the smallest presence detector/light sensor available.  Developed as a green product, everything has been done to reduce the size, weight and energy consumption of the DLC 1000 to extend its life expectancy and sustainability credentials.

The DLC 1000 underlines the advantages of the KNX Building Control Open Standard and allows easy integration with other building services products. 


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