New lamp from Philips

Royal Philips Electronics has launched its new Master TL-D Eco range of energy saving linear fluorescent lamps which provide a simple energy saving solution in the struggle against climate change. The Master TL-D Eco can directly replace existing T8 fluorescent lamps whilst providing energy savings of more than 10% and a high quality of lighting (Ra>80).
The light output of the Master TL-D Eco range remains the same as traditional T8 fluorescent lamps. The product has been developed for general indoor lighting applications and the market potential for the new range is very significant.

The Master TL-D Eco lamps will directly replace, that is without changes to the lighting installation, existing T8 fluorescent lamps in indoor applications such as offices, shops, schools and other buildings, whilst upgrading their lighting to the latest norms and standards. In addition the new Master TL-D Eco contains industry leading low levels of mercury (2mg).

The new range will be available from the summer of 2007 in 50W, 31W & shortly the 15W versions. These can directly replace all 58W, 36W and shortly 18W T8 fluorescent lamps.

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