New jet thrust fans

Incorporating new technology and innovative designs, Fläkt Woods has launched three new versions of its famed Jet Thrust Fan system.

The first new version features a completely redesigned high performance impeller. Fläkt Woods has accomplished this by creating a new tip feature. Using acoustic traversing, in their Colchester laboratories, they identified how blade tip design could be modified to reduce aerodynamically induced acoustic emissions, and help achieve greater energy efficiencies.

“Our impeller designs have changed significantly since we first launched our Jet Thrurst Fan range” comments Paul Wenden, engineering and product management director. “Over the years we have adapted and changed our fan designs and thanks to the latest technology, they are now far quieter and use less energy than before.”

A second new fan is a ductless version; this low profile type is aesthetically pleasing and capable of withstanding temperatures of 300ºC for two hours. With a motor incorporated within the fan and a tapered silencer, the fan will prove popular with car park designers looking to make car park environments lighter and less cluttered.

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