New intelligent controls

Rehau has launched a new range of intelligent controls designed to maximise the efficiency and comfort levels of its underfloor heating and cooling systems.
Developed for use in residential and light commercial applications, they constantly analyse the inside and outside temperatures to automatically switch between heating and cooling as appropriate.  This special method offers timely activation of heating or cooling taking into account the building characteristics and internal loads and prevents unnecessary chiller stand by periods.
Rehau Intelligent Controls operate by effectively learning the heating characteristics of a room or zone using PI (Proportional-Integral) control, achieving the set temperature more quickly and efficiently than conventional thermostats.  They determine the optimum time to open the system actuators and allow the set temperature to be reached with minimum overshoot.
Up to 14 zones can be configured using a master controller and add on module, and either wired or wireless control can be selected.  This can be easily extended if required.
The end user benefits from finger tip control of their environment – with the ability to select four different room temperatures in each 24-hour period.

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