New hood positioning devices

Flextraction Ltd has launched a new range of totally self supporting Hood Positioning Devices (HPD), the Flextractor HPD, Extended HPD, Mini HPD and Flextender HPD, all incorporating new mounting brackets, hoods and hoses for the capture and extraction of industrial dusts and fumes including hazardous and corrosive fumes at the point of source.

These HPDs have been designed to be used in a multitude of industrial applications, including surface grinding, welding, product tipping and drum filling as well as food processing and all manufacturing applications, where dust and fumes are emitted.

Importantly, they meet HSE requirements for the correct positioning and design of LEV hoods and are totally self supporting mechanisms providing stability and accuracy in the carrying and positioning of a wide range of hoods in different sizes, weights and designs including individual customised hoods plus hose combinations. Without any internal obstructions, there is no wear, corrosion, flow restrictions or solids built up within the hoses

The twin support mechanism incorporates two springs to provide a much greater return force than in previous models, producing a lighter as well as a more balanced feel to the arm.

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