New heat pump

Clyde Energy Solutions has introduced a new range of air source heat pumps that provide very cost efficient heating. Combined with the ExoTank, they give the flexibility of using other energy sources such as solar panels or biomass boilers, or even conventional fuel boilers, and a controller that chooses the cheapest or most appropriate energy source at any time.
Constructed on strong frames of stainless steel, ExoAir units are available in a choice of 6.7, 9.4, 14.8 and 16.5kW models to suit different output requirements and offer optimal heating/hot water solutions for commercial installations. Energy efficiency tests show that with an outside air temperature of 0oC and a water inlet temperature of 35oC, a 6.7kW ExoAir unit, for example, has a CoP of 3.7, which rises to 4.4 with an outside air temperature of 10oC to give a performance comparable to a ground source heat pump.
Combined with the ExoTank, the ExoAir air source heat pump offers the exclusive benefits of Flexifuel to ensure the most cost-effective heating.

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