New heat pump

Johnson Controls has launched a heat pump version of its popular York Tempo range of chillers designed to supply warm and chilled water for air conditioning applications.
The York Tempo is a fully packaged reverse-cycle heat pump-chiller, which can be located outside on the roof of a building or at ground level. The unit incorporates two separate refrigerant circuits, with two or three hermetic scroll compressors in each circuit, a single stainless steel plate type heat exchanger, ambient coils and all necessary components and controls for automatic operation.

Available with cooling capacities ranging from 183kW to 426kW, and heating capacities of 187kW to 469kW, the York Tempo has numerous benefits, which include low sound operation which makes it ideal for noise sensitive projects, compact design for applications where space is restricted and easy installation.

It also features a non-corrosive stainless steel plate heat and has simple control functions eg it has a microprocessor with a 40-character plain language display of temperatures, pressures, operating hours, number of starts and start/stop times.

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