New heat networks Code of Practice ‘must succeed’

After campaigning for the development of industry-wide standards for district heating networks in the UK, Mark Whettall, managing director of CPV Ltd is calling upon industry colleagues to fully-engage with the consultation process in response to the recently-published draft Code of Practice by the Combined Heat and Power Association (CHPA) and CIBSE.

The draft code has been developed by industry experts under a joint initiative between CIBSE and the CHPA. This is as a result of district heating networks having being identified by the Government as a technology which can help decarbonise the heating supplies – with recent research identifying potential for up to 14 percent of the UK’s heat needs being met this way by 2030.

Mark Whettall, a member of the group responsible for developing the Code of Practice, said: “To reach this predicted share of the heat market from current levels of around one to two percent, significant network development will be required and we’re already seeing a big upturn in activity levels, with many new companies entering the sector.

“It’s essential that new heat networks are designed, constructed and maintained within a quality standard that ensures reliable and efficient operation and this new Code of Practice sets out a framework under which this can develop successfully – evolving as the market matures.

“I would urge all stakeholders – whether they are developers, councils, contractors, manufacturers or designers – to engage with the consultation process. It’s critical that we all have some level of involvement and therefore a degree of ownership. A lot of organisations were represented in the CHPA and CIBSE working group, but there’s many more out there that need to ensure that their views are represented.

“There have inevitably been some critics to the initiative, but this is more likely due to them having vested interests in not seeing standards introduced. We must all work together in order that the heat networks sector can increase its role in efficiently and reliably delivering heat to consumers – whether they are domestic, industrial or commercial.
“This initiative must succeed if the sector is to meet the challenges ahead as it scales up to increase its share of the heat market.”

The draft document can be viewed at and the consultation period ends on October 9th this year.

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