New heat exchanger range

The PHE X-Series of high efficiency plate heat exchangers is the second launch under Armstrong’s ECO:nomics low cost, low carbon solutions brand. The PHE range has been accredited by the company as an ECO:nomics solution based on its ability to achieve excellent regeneration rates, up to 90%, for a range of HVAC heat transfer applications, without carrying a premium price tag.

The PHE X-Series achieves these results by flowing the two media in opposite directions (counter-current) with high turbulences and optimised corrugation of surfaces. In addition, the higher heat transfer coefficients mean that the X-Series plate heat exchangers deliver the same or better performance with a lower surface area, to take up less space in the plant room. For a typical cooling application of 1500kW, for example, the SX96 provides the most compact solution for a given capacity.

The units react rapidly to system demand changes, for optimum occupant comfort, and the reduced down-time and longer life-span (made possible by corrosion resistant materials and anti-scaling effect) make for effective performance with low maintenance throughout the lifetime of the system.


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