New guide to best practice

HVCA Publications, the publishing division of the Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association, has launched a Guide to Good Practice for the Installation of Fire and Smoke Dampers (DW/145).

Kevin Talbot, Chairman of the HVCA Ductwork Group, in his foreword to DW/145, explains: “This guide highlights many of the basic principles contained in the design and installation process, whilst at the same time identifying the responsibilities that attach to the team as a whole – which, of course, comprises designers, builders, manufacturers and local authorities, as well as mechanical services, ductwork and other specialist contractors.

“It identifies, clearly and concisely, the matters that must be addressed when fire and/or smoke dampers are to be installed within a building’s ventilation ductwork system.”

The guide highlights and clarifies important aspects of fire and smoke barrier/damper installation including the responsibilities of all parties involved in the overall sequence from system specification through to a compliant installation.

It also covers the design and installation process including the main design criteria and responsibilities, as well as installation considerations and arrangements.

Other sections examine the ASFP Industry Guide to the Design for the Installation of Fire and Smoke Resisting Dampers, current legislation, system design, installation, inspection and hand-over, and typical installation sequences.

Until recently, it was left to individual ductwork designers, damper manufacturers, and building control and fire authorities to specify how fire and smoke dampers were installed. An industry guide to their design and installation was developed by the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) and HEVAC Association, and published in April 2007 as the ASFP’s Grey Book. The Ductwork Group of the HVCA collaborated in the Grey Book’s production and continues to support its content, but saw the need for a complementary publication addressing the practicalities of system design and installation. 

DW/145 can be purchased online at:

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