New gearless direct drive for large diameter ventilation fans

A new permanent magnet synchronous motor designed specifically for high volume, low speed (HVLS), large diameter fans employed for effective heating/ventilation systems in large spaces has been introduced by Lafert Electric Motors. With integral drive, the new motor offers efficient, gearless direct drive for fans up to 7m in diameter that are typically employed in sports halls/arenas, shopping centres, industrial buildings and agriculture/horticulture buildings.

HVLS fans provide the advantage of moving large volumes of air without causing uncomfortable air movement and achieving it with low level noise emission. Further, with the new motor/drive package, variations in air movement levels are achieved progressively for maximum comfort whilst achieving up to 50% energy saving. Also, the elimination of gears minimises maintenance requirements thereby reducing total lifetime costs.

Tests have demonstrated that air speed >3m/s offers insignificant added cooling benefit. Consequently, the most efficient method of distributing is the use of HVLS fans operating at speeds below 3m/s for which these motors are designed.

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