New from Wylex

Part L2 of the Building regulations considers energy efficiency in non-domestic buildings (three phase applications), clarifying energy demands and the associated need to meter energy usage. Its effect will help building managers, landlords and tenants to understand where energy is used or wasted and to create opportunities to significantly reduce energy consumption, hopefully by around 5-10% p.a.

In response, Wylex has launched a new 125Amp rated range of modified distribution boards, the NHTN, which can be fitted with a multi-function digital meter (kWh) inside the enclosure, instead of relying on an add on extension enclosure, widely used previously. The new range has been designated MR – meter ready.

To complement the new range, an integral meter pack is also available from Wylex as a complete kit, allowing the contractor to easily install either an incoming standard check meter or MID certified meter (for monitoring the resale of electricity). The pack includes everything needed to fit and connect the internal meter into the new MR board including a DIN RAIL mounting plate, the multi-function KWh meter, three current transformers and three protection fuses.

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