New from Wieland

Wieland Electric has completed its selos DIN rail terminal block range with the addition of the WKN 6 TK instrument isolating terminal, a screw-type terminal specially designed for use in secondary circuits of measuring transformers. It short-circuits the current transformer for safe disconnection or separation of measuring devices, which prevents both overheating and generation of high voltages in the secondary winding.
With the selos WKN 6 TK instrument isolating terminal and a few accessory parts, any circuit can be achieved. For single transformer circuits only two terminals are required, whilst all of the switching states of the terminal and transformer circuit can be seen clearly.
The accessories are easy to handle and, thanks to the integrated test sockets, measuring devices can easily be patched in without further accessories. Terminals and accessories such as jumper bars, shorting plugs, test sockets, etc. meet the finger-touch safety requirements in compliance with the relevant safety regulations.
The instrument isolating terminals are designed for a rated current of 57A and a rated voltage of 400V, conductor cross-sections up to 10mm² can be connected.

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