New from TridonicAtco

The PCA T5 ECO Ip range is the fifth generation of digital, dimmable control from TridonicAtco, with a price/performance ratio that is simply outstanding. Combining DSI technology, switchDIM and intelligent protection mechanism, this new plug and play solution from TridonicAtco is setting new standards in intelligent simplicity.

The PCA T5 ECO Ip control gear offers technical refinements such as Intelligent Voltage Guard, Intelligent Temperature Guard and other protective algorithms. Intelligent Voltage Guard constantly monitors the mains voltage at the control gear to protect it against possible damage due to overvoltage or undervoltage, whilst Intelligent Temperature Guard protects the PCA T5 ECO Ip control gear from thermal damage. This intelligence protects the ECG from damage even if it is operated outside its specifications, for example if ambient temperatures fall as low as -25ºC or if the lamp cables are too long.

The smart heating lamp management system of PCA T5 ECO Ip allows perfect lighting solutions with preheat times of only 0.5 s, dimming to 1% luminous flux for all T5 fluorescent lamps.

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