New from Tridium

Just launched by Tridium is the M2M JACE. This combined monitoring and control platform brings better control, a reduced carbon footprint and significant energy savings within easy reach of building owners and operators of multiple sites or single facilities. 

The M2M JACE provides full integration, control, alarm, data logging, scheduling, network management, supervision and web-serving functionality for a building services control system using Tridium’s fully open, multi-vendor, multi-protocol NIAGARAAX environment. Ideal for remote monitoring, energy metering and building control via GPRS in new or existing stand-alone buildings or multi-site building portfolios, the M2M JACE can integrate, control and manage a diverse range of building controllers, sensors, meters and other external smart products, including LONworks application devices.

It enables presentation of real-time information to users in rich, web-based graphical views through the in-built GPRS modem, via an Ethernet LAN or over the internet. In larger buildings or groups of buildings, a NIAGARAAX Supervisor can be used to aggregate data from large numbers of M2M JACE units into a single, unified application.  The M2M JACE supports a wide range of open communication networks including BACnet, KNX, Modbus, M-bus, SNMP, Z-wave, oBIX and LON.

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