New from Toshiba

Toshiba Air Conditioning’s new Digital Inverter 3 (DI3), the third generation of its popular, energy-efficient inverter-controlled split systems, gives contractors the choice of re-using existing R22 or R407C pipework or installing new. This could save vital time, money or re-routing.
Toshiba Digital Inverter 3 is a heat pump system and offers A class EERs and COPs – exceeding the highest possible energy rating on the government’s ECA website. It can be used to replace existing fixed speed R22, R407C or early inverter systems delivering the substantial energy savings that come with the application of the latest inverter technology.

Retrofitting new technology in this way can be faster and less invasive than total system renewal.

DI3 makes it easy to install new high-performing systems while the building is occupied. High mesh filters and stable lubricants protect the new equipment. The replacement procedure still involves effective flushing of the system using best practice, of course, and all refrigerant-handling procedures must be adhered to.

A simple switch adapts the system to whichever type of situation it is used for. Even if existing pipework is non-standard it is possible to calculate the appropriate refrigerant charge.

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