New from Taconova

HVAC balancing specialist Taconova (UK) has extended its range of Danfoss self acting flow and differential pressure control valves with the stocking of the AVP Differential Pressure Controller series suitable for flow mounting. Already proven in numerous applications across continental Europe, these flow-mounted control valves can solve a number of issues with engineers seeking to balance a variety of HVAC system applications.

Taconova’s AVP Series is designed for use on heating, multiple air handling unit and chilled water systems with thermostatic or electrically driven 2 port controls valves. AVP valves will close, hence restricting the flow, when the differential pressure rises, thus helping to maintain a constant pressure differential across a sub-branch and protect downstream control valves from excessive pressure. This action will also nullify the effects of pressure variations caused by the movement of control valves in other branches and ensure energy efficient system operation. The AVP Series incorporates a control valve, an actuator with one control diaphragm and a calibrated handle for easy differential pressure setting (AVP only; AVP-F is a fixed version with no handle). Only one pressure sensing tube is required.

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