New from Potterton Commercial

Until recently the introduction of LZC technologies in the industrial and commercial sector has largely been driven by new government legislation concerned with reducing carbon footprint in buildings. In the current economic climate, however, the issue of reducing running costs and saving money has become equally important.

Complementing the comprehensive range of Potterton Commercial high efficiency condensing boilers is the recently launched GeoFlo ground source heat pump which, as an integral part of a suitably designed system, can help reduce both the running costs and the carbon footprint of many commercial buildings.

This is accomplished by the GeoFlo heat pump harnessing the energy created by solar rays being absorbed into the ground, thereby creating a thermal store which remains at a fairly constant temperature of around 10°C to 12°C at a depth of around 1m to 2m. A ground loop from the heat pump extracts this heat to commence and sustain its refrigeration cycle, during which process the state of the refrigerant is changed, causing heat to be generated which can be utilised, via a plate heat exchanger, for space heating or pre-heating cold water.



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