New from Pegler Yorkshire

In a major new initiative, taps, fittings and valves specialist Pegler Yorkshire is launching a new range of commercial valves. Known as Pegler Commercial Valves, the range will be marked by a wide selection of products and will incorporate the company’s latest advances in innovative end-connection technology.

Traditionally, the commercial valves market has been dominated by screwed steel and compression connectors and while the new Pegler range will offer these tried and trusted versions of valve technology, the excitement will come from the company offering its Push-Fit and Press-Fit know-how into a sector historically dominated by more staid products.

The introduction of this new range means specifiers will now be able to take advantage of Pegler Yorkshire as a one-stop shop for all their commercial valve requirements, which will have the added benefit of ensuring product compatibility, no matter what valves or pipes are selected. This level of product delivery and customer service available all under one roof will be a first for the commercial valves sector and strong interest in the service and products is anticipated.

The range will include a comprehensive selection of valves, from the traditional to the more innovative.

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