New from Paslode

Paslode has responded to a genuine gap in the market with the new PPN35i – the first cordless positive placement nailer for fixing metal connector plates to timber. The PPN35i can help improve the quality of the installation; is significantly quicker and far less painstaking than traditional methods – saving both time and money on site.

The PPN35i nose piece has been designed to locate holes in connector plates at angles of up to 35 degrees to ensure correct positioning, even in difficult to reach areas. The NHBC requires every hole in a metal connector plate to be fixed. As the PPN35i magazine holds a strip of 23 hardened twisted nails, this can be done quickly and effectively.

When compared to using hammer and nails the tool achieves significant cost savings for the contractor – on average £70 per job (using 3000 nails) – as it’s less labour intensive. This means the tool actually pays for itself after just six working days use, so switching to a gas nailer benefits the contractor all round.

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