New from MK Electric

MK Electric has developed the Sentry range of skeleton units to bring 21st century safety standards and design to social housing. Skeleton boards are spine backplate assemblies that fit within a Mantel or Clifton type enclosure – essentially a kind of metal utilities cupboard – that may also contain the meter.

These are particularly prevalent in social housing which is now one of the main areas of activity under the Government’s Decent Homes Initiative, which aims to improve social housing so that 95% is decent by the end of 2010. The Sentry Skeleton range counters all the problems associated with skeleton boards, which are rarely used in new-build and only installed as part of refurbishment programmes, to offer a modern and easily installed unit that meets the highest safety regulations.

The range complies with the IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition and has several features that improve ease of installation. The DIN rail is easily removable, as this improves first fix while backed out and captive combi-head screws make for a quicker and easier installation.

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