New from MHS Boilers

MHS Boilers has launched a range of energy efficient Ground and Water Source Heat Pumps.  AQUATOP T from Elco is a new generation of heat pumps which use the ground and/or water as a free energy source.  They are perfect for underfloor heating and where design conditions permit, a high temperature version may also be used with radiators.

Elco also has a long history of innovation in renewable energy and heat pumps and their products are available in the UK exclusively through MHS Boilers.

With nominal outputs in the range from 5.4 to 87kW and Coefficient of Performance figures up to 6.0, the AQUATOP T range sets benchmarks for flexibility, power, efficiency and reliable performance.  AQUATOP T heat pumps can use energy from either water or geothermal sources and there are seven compact models within the range to provide a system approach solution to heat pump installation. Compact models are available up to 18.5kW and include components such as circulation pumps, safety devices and electric elements.

AQUATOP T heat pumps are extremely quiet and have sound emissions of below 35dBA.

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