New from Megaman

Megaman UK Ltd has launched the CFL G9 compact fluorescent lamp, which has been designed to offer a real alternative to heat producing G9 halogen lamps. The new CFL G9 is the first self-ballasted, plug-in lamp to be supplied in a G9 lamp base, allowing its direct use in a wide selection of luminaires that utilise a G9 lamp holder without any retrofitting.
Designed as a direct replacement for a G9 40W halogen lamp, the CFL G9 is compact in size and combines excellent lumen performance with an increase of 80% on energy savings. The CFL G9 generates far less heat than a halogen lamp during operation and, when compared to other fluorescent lamps, bears the closest resemblance to a point light source, providing accurate beam control.
The CFL G9 incorporates the company’s exclusive Ingenium technology, which delivers breakthrough lighting performance and superior operating life expectancy of 15,000 hours, combined with improved life cycle switching and a shorter preheating time.

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