New from Hoval

Hoval’s new CompactGas welded steel LTHW boiler is the first non-condensing boiler to incorporate the company’s internationally patented aluFer heat exchanger technology to maximise heat exchange efficiencies. As such, CompactGas closes the gap between conventional and condensing boiler technologies, making it an ideal back-up to biomass and other low carbon heating plant where condensing boilers would not be appropriate.

CompactGas uses Hoval’s unique combustion process to produce low dwell times in the high temperature zone of the flame. Thanks to the innovative combustion chamber design the exhaust gases flow out of the end of the combustion chamber directly onto the secondary heating surface to achieve optimum combustion.

Consequently, CompactGas offers significantly higher efficiencies – typically 3.5% – compared to conventional steel shell boilers. The ’complete combustion’ design also reduces NOx emissions to well below 80mg/kWh depending on burner selection.

CompactGas boilers are available in models from 1000kW to 2800kW and offer 96.5% efficiency at full load (flow/return 80°C/60°C) and 97.5% efficiency at part-load (30%), when tested to the requirements of the European Boiler Efficiency Directive.

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