New from ELCO: THISION® L EVO A step forward in commercial boiler design

ELCO Heating Solutions has launched the THISION® L EVO – a completely re-engineered range of highly efficient wall mounted gas-fired condensing boilers with outputs from 60kW to 140kW.

The new boiler utilises the finest technological features and components, offering customers a highly flexible unit that can be specified for an extensive range of applications. Outstanding features include: a flat metal fibre cold flame burner for extremely low NOx emissions; a robust stainless steel heat exchanger with double wall geometry providing superb heat transfer; extensive cascade arrangements for powerful and flexible systems; plus the latest control functionality to ensure optimum performance.

THISION L EVO from ELCOThe THISION® L EVO has also been manufactured with the UK commercial market in mind. The range is capable of operating at 8 bar maximum water pressure, allowing it to be compatible with multi-level buildings without the need for hydraulic separation. In addition, the boilers can be integrated into district heating systems and maintain optimum efficiency, thanks to a 30oC ΔT temperature differential. For ease of installation and to simplify room sealed installation, all boilers are compatible with parallel and concentric flue systems.

To make specification in cascade simple, THISION® L EVO boilers can be arranged in-line or back to back. The maximum output available from a cascade frame is an impressive 1.1 MW, with units mounted on pre-fabricated cascade rigs available in wall mounted or floor standing setups. For ease of installation, single and cascade arrangements can be transported and set up by a single person. With the addition of integrated master-slave cascade functionality, plus the capacity for additional heat generators/renewable energy sources, THISION® L EVO in cascade offers unrivalled capabilities.

The double helix stainless steel heat exchanger at the heart of the THISION® L EVO combines high quality materials and ingenious engineering to produce a highly efficient appliance. With minimum hydraulic resistance, the heat exchanger provides significant reductions in electrical usage, while a laser welded fin tube minimises heat losses  though the heat exchanger surface. Furthermore, thanks to its stainless steel construction, the heat exchanger will maintain efficiency over its lifetime, and remain much more resistant to corrosion and material degradation than traditional aluminium counterparts.

For improved environmental benefits, the THISION® L EVO excels in a range of areas. Firstly, the NOx emissions already comply with future standards, including the Ecodesign Directive due in September 2018. Another impressive development is the boiler’s reduced energy consumption, with only a 0.15kW fan required for a 140kW model. Finally, internal noise conditions are improved and kept to a minimum thanks to a fully insulated casing, while the carefully engineered panels help to reduce excess heat radiation, limiting it to only 81W.

Gavin Watson, Sales Director for ELCO, said: “The THISION® L EVO is the result of ELCO’s commitment to manufacturing the finest boiler technology. We have added new features, as well as taken all the best elements of its predecessor, the THISION® L, to make the unit one of the most capable and flexible units on the market. We’re sure that specifiers and contractors will be impressed by the level of engineering involved in the boiler’s development, which will no doubt be on display in plant rooms up and down the country very soon!”

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