New from Daikin

Daikin Europe NV has introduced two new EWAD model air cooled inverter controlled chillers designated AJYNN(S) and AJYNN(X) and featuring both high full load and maximum partial load efficiencies.

Available in capacities from 329 to 515kW in standard seasonal efficiency ‘S’ versions and high seasonal efficiency ‘X’ versions, as well as reduced and low noise options, the chillers utilise two fully independent R-134a refrigerant circuits, ensuring continuous operation during maintenance periods. The new units provide maximum comfort and efficiency at all loadings, their use of stepless inverter technology also maintaining outlet water at a constant temperature, irrespective of load.      

Chillers of course, operate for most of the time under partial load conditions and these units have the highest European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio in their class (up to 5.01 for the ‘X’ version) keeping annual operating costs down to an absolute minimum. They also offer 20% and 30% greater energy savings respectively than earlier Daikin high efficiency AJYNN(A) and standard AJYNN chillers.

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