New from Daikin

Daikin Sky Air FVQ floor standing heat pump units are specially designed for quick and easy installation in high ceiling stores and offices. Extremely quiet in operation, the units include a built-in high efficiency, long life filter which reduces maintenance time and cost.
Sky Air FVQ heat pump units are ideal for use in applications where there is no false ceiling or where cassette, concealed ceiling or traditional ceiling units cannot be installed. The units also include several features that enhance comfort. They are quiet in operation, with sound levels as low as 36 dB(A), which is comparable to a quiet room. A choice of two fan speeds is also available (high or low) and the special Daikin dry programme reduces humidity in the room without variations in room temperature.
The horizontal auto swing feature moves the flaps slowly from left to right to distribute air effectively throughout the entire room whilst the vertical air flow pattern can be adjusted manually to match cooling or heating requirements in different sized or irregularly shaped rooms.

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