New from Daikin

The Daikin Ururu Multi residential and light commercial heat pump system supplies comfort heating, cooling and ventilation plus humidification – the latter without any need for an associated water source. The system transmits purified air, gently into one or two rooms via stylish indoor units, each fitted with a Daikin ‘two area’ intelligent eye controller.  Low outdoor unit operating noise and enhanced energy efficiency stem from the incorporation of a swing compressor.  

Ururu Multi features unique Japanese humidification technology, extracting moisture from the outdoor air via a built-in element on the outdoor unit and transferring it to the indoor unit where it is mixed with the supply air and purified via a titanium apatite photo catalytic filter. The highly humidified air is then discharged quickly and efficiently into the room.

End users benefit from the resultant provision of fresh, purified and humidified air flow that enhances personal well being and comfort. Balanced humidity helps prevent sore throats, dry skin and makes the body feel warmer, even at lower indoor temperatures, thus reducing both heating demand and energy consumption.

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