New from Colt

Colt International has announced the availability of its Size 7 Low Noise Horizontal Concealed Caloris WRF unit. Complementing the existing Caloris range, this unit will efficiently heat and cool much larger spaces, such as open plan offices and shopping malls, with low noise and high efficiency.

Colt’s Caloris Size 7 unit delivers 7.48kW of cooling at an EER of 4.2 and an industry beating noise level of NR 36 (in a semi-reverberant room), yet measures just 339mm high. It contains a low 2.65kg of HFC refrigerant and hence is exempt from the ‘F’ Gas regulation inspections, and is charged to an accuracy of 0.1kg after pressure testing with less demanding helium rather than nitrogen.

The Colt Caloris WRF system is a water-based simultaneous heating and cooling solution, using two uninsulated pipes as the distribution medium and boasts the unique combined features of high efficiency, low noise, heat pump to heat pump technology and the ability to interface with numerous forms of heat injection/ rejection including geothermal energy.

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