New from Collingwood

Collingwood Lighting has introduced the UL030 universal LED. Offering sleek aesthetics and a high powered LED output, its robust design and long lasting light source makes the UL030 an ideal IP68 light for exterior applications.

The stainless steel LED light produces a 7 Watt light output, ensuring a striking glow within any setting. An increased beam angle of 45 degrees facilitates light flexibility, allowing the UL030 to illuminate a host of exterior features, including ponds, trees and flowerbeds. 

The universal LED light comprises both a rich blue and cool white lens, affording endless colour binning design opportunities. An IP rating of 68 confirms high protection levels against foreign bodies such as water and dirt, a key requirement for lighting used in exterior applications. 

Mark Halton, Sales Director of Collingwood Lighting comments: “The UL030 is a highly practical use-anywhere light which fuses contemporary good looks with a highly powered light source. The UL030 easily outperforms standard halogen bulbs in terms of performance, with a life expectancy of 20 years, resulting in zero maintenance time and costs.”

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