New from Carrier

Carrier Corp has introduced a new range of Aquasnap high-temperature heat pumps with a heating capacity ranging from 14kW to 105kW, providing energy efficient heating solutions suitable for commercial applications. With this launch, Carrier is the first manufacturer to offer high-temperature packaged heat pumps with a heating capacity above 50kW.

For more than 100 years, Carrier has provided efficient and reliable climate control solutions for buildings. With the Aquasnap high-temperature heat pump range, Carrier brings its expertise and know-how in the design and manufacture of thermodynamic products to the heating of commercial buildings. The high capacity of the Aquasnap heat pumps is suited for non-residential applications, while the compact size of the units permits easy integration into most commercial buildings.

These units also deliver excellent energy efficiency and meet European Ecolabel efficiency requirements. In addition, the use of Aquasnap heat pumps contributes to Europe’s objective of obtaining 20% of its total energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020.

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