New for hotel rooms

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Europe (MHIE) has just made life a little easier for air con system designers and installers working on hotel projects with the addition of the new FDUH duct-connected indoor unit to its high efficiency KX VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) range.

Designed for applications such as hotels, where building layout often means that services, including air conditioning, to two or more adjoining rooms are run in pairs through central ducting, Mitsubishi Heavy’s new FDUH can be installed with the controls and the drain pump connections located to either the left or right hand side of the unit as required, allowing easy routing of both sets of pipe work through a single central service shaft.

Allowing for simpler pipe runs and less complex ducting, MHIE’s new FDUH is easier, and therefore cheaper, to install, and can be fitted into tighter spaces. The single unit, which can be installed in left or right handed rooms, makes ordering and stock handling simpler. The FDUH is available with cooling capacities of 22, 28 and 36kW. All sizes come with MHIE’s Superlink II control logic.

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