New floor fixing

Access Technologies Ltd has updated its popular Floorfix range with the addition of the new, easy to work with Floorfix HT (high tolerance) fixing clip.
Part of the successful BeamClamp range, the Floorfix HT is designed to fix durbar or plain floor plates to supporting steelwork from the top side only in walkway and flooring applications. Access Technologies has developed the Floorfix HT as a cost-effective alternative to conventional drilling and tapping, bolting or welding solutions, saving time for contractors on site.

The new Floorfix HT is quick and easy for contractors to use and more able to cope with greater construction site tolerances than previous fixings. It allows for steelwork erection tolerances of +/- 6mm, allowing positional adjustments to be made when fixing is required. In addition, the BeamClamp Floorfix HT can connect onto steel flanges from 3mm to 25mm as standard, without the need for additional packing pieces.

BeamClamp fixings are specifically developed for the requirements of the modern construction industry, bringing unique benefits of easy specification and use, high safety performance and long-lasting reliability to all applications today.

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