New Flameguard catalogue

The new Flameguard catalogue from Scolmore International Limited has just been released to provide contractors and specifiers with valuable in-depth information on the complete Flameguard system. The launch of the new catalogue is planned to coincide with the grant of UK patent rights covering the novel heat resistant casing which protects against the spread of fire.
Flameguard has been incorporated into a wide selection of Scolmore low voltage and mains downlighters, and is a quick and cost-effective means of providing fire and acoustic rated properties to luminaires installed in normally fire resistant ceiling materials. Scolmore now offer a Flameguard protected, fire and acoustic rated downlighter to fit virtually every installation requirement.

Flameguard downlighters offer long-term protection against the spread of fire and noise pollution and comply with all relevant building regulations. Having been rigorously tested and independently fully accredited and approved, Scolmore has put together a Compendium of Test Approval Certificates to verify results and to show how safe the Flameguard system is.

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