New fast fixed base

Protec have introduced a new Fast Fixed base for their recently introduced Algo-Tec 6000PLUS sensor range. Its neat design not only provides a low profile and unobtrusive mount to better blend devices into modern working environments, but also helps overcome system commissioning delays brought about by building schedule setbacks.

The Fast Fixed base is primarily intended to mount detectors, semi-recessed into a suspended ceiling. The design allows the sensor to be connected and commissioned prior to the installation of the ceiling, if necessary, saving time at a critical period for a project.

The Protec sensor can be mounted onto the base, which is then connected to the loop and wired back to the Fire Detection & Alarm (FD&A) system panel, and the whole system can be commissioned as normal. Subsequently, when the ceiling is installed, the sensor, still coupled to the base, is pulled through a hole cut for it in the ceiling tile. A bezel is then attached to the sensor, and the unit is secured using the cleverly designed integral clamp arms. This fixes the detector firmly to the ceiling.

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