New fan coil range

The extensive range of fan coil units from Dunham Bush includes the innovative Concierge unit, specially designed for hotel rooms, as well as the introduction of EC motor options for the Panther, Leopard, Puma and Jaguar series.

Thanks to detailed design refinements, the new Concierge unit offers very quiet operation, and also features a state-of-the-art controls package for integration with the Building Management System. It is quick and easy to install and does not require extensive ceiling void co-ordination due to the painted access panel forming an integral part of the ceiling. For ease of maintenance, the unit has been designed for easy removal from below, without damage to the surrounding ceiling.

Ease of installation is also a key feature of Dunham Bush’s other high-specification units; including the horizontal, waterside, ceiling void mounted Cougar, Leopard and Panther; the vertical waterside wall/floor mounted Puma and the horizontal airside ceiling void mounted Jaguar. Cougar, Leopard and Panther units offer specifiers and installers a wide choice of ceiling void mounted units with quiet operation, in a range of depths from just 180mm (Cougar) up to 280mm (Panther).

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