New evaporative humidifier

JS Humidifiers has enhanced its reputation for low energy humidifiers with the launch of the HumEvap MC3 evaporative humidifier. Energy consumption is 150 times lower than electric steam humidifiers with correspondingly massive reductions in CO2 emissions. The new humidifier also incorporates improved control and innovative hygiene features.
The HumEvap MC3 is located inside a duct or AHU and humidifies by passing the air through a wetted fibre matrix. It is suitable for any size duct and can deliver huge volumes of moisture to an atmosphere with very close control and runs on just 500W. This is in contrast to a steam system that can consume up to 75kW to produce an equivalent output. The HumEvap MC3 also has the added benefit of providing up to 12°C evaporative cooling to the air being humidified, further reducing a building’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.
The HumEvap MC3 incorporates a PureFlo Ag+ silver ion dosing system that prevents the build-up of micro-organisms and bacteria throughout the humidifier.
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