New Ereba air-to-water monobloc heat pump delivers top COPs for homes and businesses

CIAT Ozonair has introduced a new range of high efficiency Ereba monobloc air-to-water heat pumps, to provide low running cost, low carbon heating and cooling for homes and small commercial premises.

The new Ereba units, available via CIAT and Toshiba Air Conditioning, are available from 4kW through to 21kW as a Monobloc system, providing heating and cooling.

Based on a high efficiency two-stage rotary compressor, Ereba uses an inverter-driven DC motor to deliver heating efficiencies of up to 4.3 Coefficient of Performance (COP), certified by Eurovent, giving it an A+ efficiency rating.

It can be used as a stand-alone heating source in new homes or small commercial applications, or to augment / back-up conventional boiler-based heating systems in existing buildings.

With a high water outlet temperature of up to 60deg C at 10deg C ambient, Ereba covers the full spectrum of heating and hot water requirements, and can be used with all types of radiators and underfloor heating systems.

The packaged system comes complete with an integrated hydraulic module, Class A variable-speed pump, and a built-in expansion tank. An automatic air purge system ensures it continues to operate efficiently without the need for manual intervention or frequent maintenance.

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