New energy meters

To meet growing demand for improved energy consumption and performance from a building’s HVAC system, Taconova (UK) Ltd has introduced two new Danfoss Ultrasonic energy meters to its range.

The Danfoss Sonometer 1000 and Sonometer 2000 from Taconova are designed to provide accurate metering of energy usage from a wide variety of equipment in heating and cooling systems.  They allow engineers two specification options and bring a range of benefits to building owners and end-users. These include providing better data to ensure compliance with the requirements of the EPBD (Energy Performance in Buildings Directive), reduced maintenance and service costs, measurable utility billing in multi-tenanted applications, carbon footprint verification and improved long-term HVAC system performance.

As static meters with no moving parts, both the Sonometer 1000 and Sonometer 2000 offer good reliability and are approved to EN1434.

Compact in size, the Sonometer 1000 incorporates an ultrasonic energy meter, a calculator with integral hardware and software for flow rate measurement, temperature and energy consumption and temperature sensors. Features comprise individual tariff functions, a power save mode, a NOWA (standardised integrator-test adaptor) test capability, a 24-month duration history memory and extensive diagnostic displays.

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