New ECA president elected

Mr Alan North has been elected as the president of the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) for 2006-2007. Alan took office at the opening of the ECA Electrical Industry Conference in May 2006, where he spoke of his commitment to drive profitability for all members.

In his acceptance speech, Alan said: “We, as an industry, must improve our processes to drive out waste in material and labour, and support the development of new manufacturing and installation methods.”

Keeping ECA at the forefront of legislative discussion is also high on Alan’s agenda for his term in office. He highlighted three key issues: energy, technology and the future of business.

As owner of his own small company, as well as being closely involved in Association business, Alan is well positioned to understand the issues and concerns of contractors of all sizes.

AS North recently celebrated 50 years as members of the ECA and currently employs nine staff, including Alan.

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