New double wall plates with stainless steel panel feed-through

SANHA now offers a new version with stainless steel wall lead-through for standard and professional drinking water installations in addition to the usual double wall plates. With this version, installers can easily implement a loop or ring installation behind dry walls and thus comply with the specifications of EN 806 and the drinking water regulation.

For drinking water connections, loop or ring line installation is standard nowadays. Only with these installation methods is it possible to implement the requirement that the contents of a drinking water system must be completely replaced after 72 hours at the latest. In addition, the market – especially hygienically very sensitive areas such as hospitals, retirement homes, but also schools – generally requires a drinking water installation made of stainless steel.

To meet this growing demand, SANHA now offers universal double-wall plates equipped with a panel feed-through in various lengths from 25 to 65 mm. They are made of stainless steel (material number 1.4404) and meet all hygiene requirements as well as the demands for a durable, particularly corrosion-resistant drinking water installation. Looping through the pipe prevents stagnation of the drinking water in comparison to the conventional T-piece installation and thus prevents unwanted germ growth. Ring pipelines with the aid of double-walled discs also fulfil the objective of the VDI guideline to reduce pressure losses in the pipeline network with smaller dimensions.

The connection design and shape of the double-wall brackets enable easy installation in combination with the NiroSan drinking water series. They are offered in the common dimensions 15 – 22 mm. The feedthroughs have an external thread (¾” G) as well as an internal thread (Rp ½”) and thus enable a large number of connections and joints.


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