New controls catalogue

CP Electronics’ comprehensive new catalogue has been created by drawing on feedback sought from customers, thus providing unparalleled ease of use for anyone involved in the purchase or specification of lighting or H&V controls.
CP Electronics manufacture a wide range of energy saving controls, from a simple time lag switch to a fully addressable lighting control system, all manufactured and tested to the highest standards.

Simple and intuitive navigation is central to the catalogue concept which uses a colour-coded contents listing with thumbnail images at the front, supported by symbols for checking product suitability. The catalogue is split into 12 product sections plus a technical information section. Covering the company’s full product range, this 52 page publication features the popular Rapid Lighting Control System and many innovative new products, including Vitesse Plus, Direct Dim, the RBT2 heater booster switch and the compact microwave presence detector.

The new catalogue presents the user with a tool that has very tangible benefits extending way beyond the simple selection of controls, offering solutions for reducing energy consumption.

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